Living Spaces Ready to Set in Place and Create a New Neighborhood

Urban Camp

The M1 Personal Dwelling is the Building Block for Neighborhoods

  • Pre-Engineeered to Meet Code Definition for "Dwelling"
  • Modular Unit 8' x 16' Fits in Standard Parking Space
  • Secure and Durable Construction for Open Urban Environments
  • Exterior Options to Adapt Architectural Design

Adaptable Architectural Finishes

The modules are available in a variety of finishes and colors to adapt to the the requirements of a specific setting.  All exterior finishes are durable, fire-safe, and damage resistant.  This ruggedness allows for group designs that are open to the street and surrounding neighborhoods.

Southwest Style
Civic Style
Urban Camp Interior

The M1 Personal Dwelling Space has all the Basics in the Smallest Footprint

  • Standard bed expands for companion or pet
  • Lots of Storage Areas for Personal Items
  • Minimal and Safe Kitchen Area with Cooking Appliance and Fridge
  • Toilet, Sink, and Shower for Fully Functional Bath
  • Durable, Cleanable Floor and Wall Coverings
  • Utility Space with Authorized Exterior Entry Only
  • Flexible Interior Detail Options to Suit Architectural Design

M2 Family Dwelling

Family Unit
Family Unit
Family Unit

Technical Support for Architects

We support Architects with technical details, drawings, models, specifications, finish alternatives, and anything else you need to build great solutions for your Clients.

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