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Whitepaper UC110: Design for Urban Camp Homes

Urban Camp targets people living on the street, often in tent camps.  The design is for a living space that helps these people transition to better lives. 

The details of the living space are adapted to people living on the street.  But they are the same details that you or I or anyone would want in a living space.

Part 1: Design Thinking

1.1 Homes that are Safe, Secure, Clean, and Livable

  • Safety: The first priority is a space that is safe for people.  This means compliance with the fire and building codes that apply in any urban area.  The space must resist external forces from wind, snow, earthquake, and live loads.  The materials must be fire resistant.  And the doors and windows must allow for safe way to leave the unit in an emergency.
  • Security:  The Urban Camp design is for personal control of access to home by user.  While occupied, the space should be secure against unwanted entry.  And while unoccupied it should serve as a secure storage for personal belongings.  Urban Camp makes this work by including a separate utility area separate from the living space, so that maintenance can be performed without entry.

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