Housing Systems for the Unsheltered Homeless

READ: A New Strategy to End Living-on-the-Street Homelessness

Urban-Camp builds systems to transition people living on the street to better lives.



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6 Step Journey from Homelessness

Urban-Camp systems offer security, shelter, heat, clean water, and toilet in a personal-control environment for individuals and small families.   It’s the first step in helping people gain control of their lives and fight back against economic, mental health, or addiction challenges. 

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6-Step Journey from Homelessness

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An Architecture for the Homeless

The Urban Camp living environment addresses the homeless persons needs beyond simple shelter. It is designed to foster human interaction, belonging, and small community support. It does this by conforming to a set human focused architectural principles.

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An Architecture for the Homeless

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Ultra-Low Cost Housing 

Urban Camp is designed as ultra-low cost housing to help communities fund development solutions for the homeless.  The housing units are damage resistant and secure units to be open to the street fostering individual autonomy.

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Ultra-Low Cost Model for Homeless Housing

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How to Start an Urban Camp Solution 

Urban-Camp Solutions are created through a Request for Proposal process.  A Sponsoring Agency identifies a need, obtains financing, and issues RFPs to Local Homeless Service Organizations to implement the Urban Camp solution. 

Case Study:  Plan to End Unsheltered Homelessness for Chicago IL

Case Study: Plan to End Unsheltered Homelessness for Portland OR 

Case Study: Plan to End Unsheltered Homelessness for Oakland CA

Urban-Camp News

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Design Guide for Urban Camp Home

Whitepaper UC110: Design for Urban Camp Homes

Urban Camp targets people living on the street, often in tent camps.  The design is for a living space that helps these people transition to better lives. 

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The Tent Camp Alternative

We study patterns in urban encampments and locate systems nearby to existing tent camps to offer an attractive alternative to street living.  Destruction or displacement of urban tent camps has failed as a solution.  


A Solution Easy to Be Legal

Urban Camp system are designed for installation on leased property from private and public sponsors.  System are lightweight to install on existing sites without foundations – within the dimensions of a standard parking space.